Friday, December 23, 2005

Cairn Energy to name its oil field after Ash

An ode to my everlasting admiration for Ash...

A report on

Aishwarya Rai is a living goddess for the Cairn Energy, which has so far named its oilfields after Indian goddesses, the ones that are worshipped by millions.

The Scottish oil and gas company, led by the former rugby International Bill Gammell had named the field that transformed the company from a minnow into a FTSE 100 giant, Mangala. Another field is called Vandana.

But now a field is to be called Aishwarya. Cairn told a royal exchange commentator that the idea followed an impromptu meeting at 30000 feet. That is when a group of Cairn Energy executives saw and met Aishwarya Rai on a plane. They thought if so far they had been naming fields after mythological goddesses why not name one after a "living goddess".

So, now Aishwarya Rai is immortalised in "oil". So far she was a "legend" in wax (at Madame Tussaud's).

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